Former kitten litters

A- litter (Chantilly)

My first litter became just a lit. Only one female kitten. Born Febr. 8th 2013.

I named her Acey because she was the first kitten born to Cacao Criadero Cattery.

Acey means Number One.   


Acey is staying on in my cattery.    

B - litter (Nebelung )

My first Nebelung litter was born 24th Nov. 2013.

4 boys and 1 girl.



" Blossom " has got a new forever home in Drammen, Norway. She is now called ANASTASIA.
Benito - has moved to his new forever home in Sweden. He is now called RAMSES.
Buddy - has moved to his new forever home in Oslo, Norway.
Bastien - has moved to his forever home in Oslo, Norway.
Benji - has moved to his forever home in Bergen, Norway.

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07.07 | 08:20

My name is Johan and I am wondering if you have any nebelung cats nog, I live in sweden, we can talk more if you have any, working Thats why its short text.

07.07 | 22:18

Hi Norma,

I hope my information reaches you. Wanted to know if you breed Turkish Angoras; I am looking for one. I am Monica Newsom USA.

26.04 | 15:39

Hi good morning all right, I would like to know how much the nebelung puppy is and if you send it to other countries.

19.03 | 18:26

Hi! I’m in Washington, USA. Have a 13 yr old Chantilly and looking for another! Mine was rescued (with her brother in Spokane) but both sterilized. Help?